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Browse Elements, our premium collection of 30+ HubSpot Email Templates.

  • 31 Premium Email Templates
  • Perfect Responsive on all Emails
  • Easily Customizable for your Brand
  • 2023 Modern and Premium Design

The best HubSpot Email Template is here

If you are looking for a collection of HubSpot Email Templates to take your email marketing game to the next level in 2023, search no more. Elements HubSpot Email Template Pack by InboundElements is here.

After doing HubSpot design & development work for over 25 companies, we discovered that email marketing was one of the most important growth factors for most companies and startups, and yet, a lot of companies struggled a lot with it.

The struggle was mostly because of how complicated it was to create effective emails, and that’s why we created Elements, a HubSpot Email Pack with 31 email newsletters for all use cases, so you can have any email sequence up and running in no time.

Elements – HubSpot Email Newsletter Template – Features

  • Modern & Premium Design: Elements HubSpot Email Template was designed following the latest design trends of 2023. Thanks to it’s modern and premium design, so you will impress your users with every email you send.
  • Email Client Compatibility: Don’t worry anymore of email compatibility. Elements was tested on all popular email clients (including Gmail, Outlook, iOS Mail, Android Mail, and many many more) to ensure it works great on all of them.
  • Perfect Responsive: In 2023 over half of all emails are opened via mobile, and that’s why Elements was optimized even to the smallest detail, so your users can browse your emails perfectly no matter if they are on iPhone or Android.
  • 100% Customizable: All templates in the Elements HubSpot Email Pack are 100% customizable, so you can easily edit their colors, images, or just any other content to match your business needs and fit your brand style guide.
  • Easily Editable: Easily edit any of the templates from the Elements Template Pack directly from the HubSpot Email Editor. There is no need to learn HTML/CSS. With our templates, edit directly from HubSpot with no code.
  • Bundle Pricing: Save more than $400 USD by purchasing our bundle of Elements Email Pack. If you purchase each of the templates separately, the total cost is over $1,000 USD.
Elements - Customizable HubSpot Email Template

Elements – HubSpot Email Template – Templates

  1. Company Newsletter v1
  2. Company Newsletter v2
  3. Company Newsletter v3
  4. Blog Newsletter v1
  5. Blog Newsletter v2
  6. Blog Newsletter v3
  7. New Article Newsletter
  8. About Us Newsletter
  9. Conference
  10. Webinar v1
  11. Webinar v2
  12. Live Streaming
  13. Jobs
  14. eCommerce v1
  15. eCommerce v2
  16. Video Newsletter
  17. eBook v1
  18. eBook v2
  19. Whitepaper
  20. B2B Sales Pitch
  21. Coming Soon
  22. App Download
  23. Simple Email
  24. Product Update
  25. Welcome Email
  26. Unsubscribe Email
  27. Special Discount
  28. Refer a Friend
  29. Course Promo
  30. Christmas Greeting
  31. Thanks for Subscribing
Premium HubSpot Email Templates

Elements – HubSpot Email Template Pack – Support

Elements HubSpot Email Template Pack was designed & developed to be very easily editable by you and your team, so you will be surprised of how easy it is to customize it. However, if you ever have any questions, find a bug in any of the templates, or just have any other kind of problem, our team of HubSpot Experts is always available at support@inboundelements.com – We will be happy to help you!

However, if you ever feel that you need advanced help to customize Elements Templates to your company needs, or just build any other custom HubSpot email newsletters, feel free to get in touch with our HubSpot Agency. Our team of experts will be ready to assist you.

Elements - Responsive HubSpot Email Template
Why choose a HubSpot Template from Inbound Elements?
All our HubSpot Templates offer the highest design & development quality available, as we produce everything in-house by an amazing team of HubSpot Experts.
Premium Design

All our HubSpot templates follow the best design practices and the latest design trends of 2020.

Optimized Code

Our HubSpot templates have the best code structure to make them fast and efficient.

Lightning Fast

Our HubSpot templates are deeply optimized to load as fast as possible, so your website loads in an instant.

Perfect Responsive

No matter if your users are on a 6K monitor or on a small smartphone, your website will be perfectly responsive.

HubSpot CMS (COS)

Our HubSpot templates take advantage of all the benefits of the powerful HubSpot CMS (COS).

100% Customizable

All our HubSpot templates are perfectly customizable, so you can easily make them fit your brand style.

HubSpot Experts

All our HubSpot Templates are designed & developed by team members with all HubSpot certifications.

Always Up to Date

We offer ongoing updates to take advantage of new HubSpot features in the coming future.